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Levels vs. Curves? 

16 deviants said What are we talking about.
15 deviants said Curves!
12 deviants said Levels!
5 deviants said Stop using adjustments and just paint the right colours the first time.

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You Look So Cool (video walkthrough) by Elucidator
You Look So Cool (video walkthrough)
Did this one in two hours. You can see the video here:
The photographer's name is Pablo Delfos.
And here is a little diagram to explain things more fully:
Mini Walkthrough by Elucidator 

If you wanna see more of this kind of stuff, like studies, sketches and random art things, you can follow along on Facebook:
Moco - SWtOR commission by Elucidator
Moco - SWtOR commission
Here's a commission from earlier in the year that I just finished this month. It was a great pleasure to work on, and I wish I could show it at full resolution. The final painting is 8,000 px tall! As usual, I went way over time trying to bring a stale 3D in-game model to life.
The character is a PC from Star Wars: The Old Republic, and her player has this to say about her:

Moco actually has two Jedi as parents that raised her from birth, they married in secret and when Moco was born it all came out. Because of the great things her parents did during the war the Jedi counsel was forgiving and let her parents stay together and raise her in the ways of the Jedi. When finally after many years her time came to take her final Jedi tests she was deemed by the counsel not strong enough in the force to take them without possibly being killed. She had control of the force, the full list of moves she could easily preform like push, pull, lift, jump and even lightning that her parents taught her without the counsel knowing. (They had the full Revan belief where no power is good or evil its just how you use it) Its just that Moco was just not as strong in doing these things as her fellow Jedi peers. It took far more discipline to call on the force and concentration for her to do these things. So the counsel out of concern for her well being would not let her take them, instead they were going to give her a position at the Jedi Temple as temple-watchmen/guardian. 

For Moco this was not at all what she imagined would happen to her. Her parents tried to tell her she would still one day become a Jedi Master it would just take more time. But because of being turned down from her final tests even after being born into the order she took this as a sign from the force that this was not her path. With love and respect she left the order on good terms and went in search for her destiny. After a few years of searching she came across the idea of the Republic Military. After much meditation she was sure this is what she should do. She entered into the military as a normal citizen feeling she would get special treatment if she told them she was trained by the Jedi. She excelled in every training aspect and graduated only a short time after entering. With her skills as a Force user and military mastery that's how she came to be placed in Havoc Squad. 

With all this training she's gotten her personality still shows through though. No matter what her commanders say she makes the final decision. Moco is fun and joking like her parents but still firm in demeanor. She's very expressive when she can be and always fighting for the Light Side even if her path sometimes leads through the Dark Side.  

As far as her fighting style is concerned, she uses her cannon to mow down enemies primarily but she still carries her Jedi lightsaber clipped to her belt (in my mind). And the force-moves often find a way into the fight, a little force push or zap here and there never hurt anyone.

Here's a little side-by-side comparison. The in-game model next to my painting.
 Comparison by Elucidator 

Aaaand here is another character from the Old Republic if you are interested:

Bastila Shan by Elucidator

Portrait study mini-tutorial by Elucidator
Portrait study mini-tutorial
Download for full resolution if you want! I post more quick and dirty stuff like this on my Facebook, so follow along over there if you are into that:
Copy/paste below:

1 -- Basic block-in done way zoomed out. Define large relationships. Don't get carried away, son.
2 -- Roughly define smaller forms with a larger value range. Pay no attention to detail or rendering, just relationships of light and dark, shapes and getting a sense of the light. It's ugly, and it is glorious.
3 -- Smudge brush! Smooth it all out. Don't lose your hard edges (jaw, back of the hair, shoulder), but smooth all the internal forms out. Make sure your blends look relatively correct -- don't go too crazy. Remember, if you are way sloppy now, you will have to paint over to fix it later. (I use Anthony Jones's soft blend smudge preset. John Silva has a similar brush. It's basically a regular round brush, 71% hardness, transfer on, size controlled by pen pressure (30% minimum), 22% size jitter).
4 -- Smaller value relationships, defining the features, looking more at capturing the likeness now. Keep getting more and more subtle and accurate with your values. Keep working big to small. Keep your shadow side and light side separate and discernable.
5 -- Entering the finishing stage. Focus on hard and soft edges, smaller and smaller value patches. Starting to really get particular in areas like her close cheekbone and temple. Subtlety is important in human faces! Liquify if you must, you cheater.
6 -- Artistic smudge comes into play. Choose a smudge that has some cool properties and breathe some life into it. Also keep painting. This is where I added/invented some specular highlights to help show more form.
7 -- Finish her up. I add softness and bloom to lit edges, like the forehead and cheekbone. More smudge, careful painting, and finish off with vignette, noise layer, sharpening, colour grading or anything else you need to do. Sign that bad boy with a classy signature.

Good luck!


Corbin Hunter
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
If you want to keep up with my day-to-day life, feel free to add me on le FaceBook!
I painted a bad portrait this afternoon. It was an accident. Instead of deleting it, I am sharing with the world.
We all have bad art days.


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theusedfire Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm just wondering, but do you do comissions?

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I do take some commissions, depending on what's involved! Haha.

And that's awesome! Happy birthday!
theusedfire Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm currently working on a graphic novel series and the artist is attending school while also being stuck with a poor computer until she acquires a new one. I'd like to have more to show for the series' progress, while not stressing her out. Which is what lead me to seek someone who could take a commission or so.
What commissions (what's involved) do you typically accept?

Thank you! You too.
Even though I'm 23, I'm starting to feel too old. Time tends to go quicker when you get older.
Elucidator Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Interesting! Doesn't quite sound like the job for me though, sorry! I'm not experienced or particularly proficient at graphic-novel-type work, and it's a bit of a bigger scope of work. Right now I'm looking at taking on smaller jobs within my comfort zone that I can bang off in a day or two, since I'm working on challenging large-scale commissions and personal projects on the side. Really sorry I can't help you out. All the best with your project, though!
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